How do I get my child to increase fluency?

Published August 12, 2015

It is always frustrating for any child (or parent) when he/she is only able to read, word by word.  So how do you help them to stop reading word by word and START reading each sentence?  It’s actually easier than you would think.  Here are four helpful tips:

Tip one: a child who is reading word by word is reading above their independent reading level and most likely at their frustrated level.  Try a book that is less challenging.

Tip two: sometimes children need to understand what the commas and periods mean in a sentence.  Remind them that a comma is a pause and the period means you stop.

Tip three:  have them read rhyming books, like Dr. Seuss books.  Rhyming books help the child feel the rhythm in their mouth and hear the rhythm with their ears as they read.

Tip four: Finally, you might also want to read a selection of a book for them to model how to read with good fluency. Then have them reread that same selection of the book with the same fluency!

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