5 Signs Your Child May Be Struggling With Reading

Children learn to read at vastly different speeds from one another. For some children, it comes naturally, and for others, there are some stops and starts along the way. If your child struggles in reading classes, you may worry about their overall learning progress. Here are some signs to look for in your child to see if they need additional learning help.

Signs of Potential Reading Issues

1. Other Family Members With Reading Struggles

A family history of reading issues, such as dyslexia, can be a strong indicator for future struggles. Recent research has shown that if one child struggles with reading, their sibling often will as well.

2. Previous Speech Delay

Even when delays are addressed and corrected, reading issues stemming from the previous delay can surface later. As children learn to read, they are processing the different ways that words sound. When this is harder to process, reading comes with more difficulty.

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3. Repeated Mixing-Up of Look-Alike and Sound-Alike Letters

While it's common to mix up letters at a young age, this issue tends to go away with time as they progress in their reading classes. If your child continues to struggle with these, it could be a sign of dyslexia or a related learning disability.

4. Difficulty Rhyming Words

The ability to rhyme shows that a child can hear differences in sounds and will begin to see those as well in written words. Similar to speech issues, hearing issues can also impact a child's ability to read. If even after carefully enunciating words, your child continues to have problems hearing differences, then you should consult your pediatrician about possible issues with sound.

5. Actively Avoiding Reading

Younger children tend to love to be read to, so it can sometimes be a sign of an issue when children shy away from books. When children don't do well at something, they often feel self-conscious or uninterested. Trying to engage your children with books on subjects they are naturally drawn to can be helpful, but take note if the aversion continues.

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Blog Post written by:
Amanda Lowe
M.ED, Founder of Stretch and Catch