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Stretch & Catch has been a sanity saver for our family! My son was not working to his potential and falling behind after Covid. Third grade is a critical time for reading and without state testing it seemed that was just gonna be okay - because everyone is behind. So glad I found this program! He actually enjoys it, logs in himself, feels more confident and is actually learning how to spell not just memorize spelling words. It’s Amazing! I would have never guessed after the torture homeschooling was for us both! My daughters are going into second and really learning to spell and sound out words. They really enjoy it! No summer or covid slide here!! It is Worth EVERY PENNY!!!!!
Cindy Steinel (3rd Grade son, second grade daughters)
The Stretch & Catch team have provided the extra support my son needed with reading.  Since starting with Stretch & Catch my son who was far behind in reading has jumped 3 grades to his actual grade level.  The staff really look at each kid independently and Amanda’s background in Special Education really helped me better understand some of the challenges my son was facing.  I highly recommend Stretch & Catch!
L.P. (4th Grade son)
Stretch & Catch is the best place to help boost your child's reading abilities.  I have been extremely satisfied with the patience, love and talent of all of the teachers.  Our son went from knowing 22 letters to reading books in less than 3 months time.  His academic delay was highly concerning to me.  Amanda assured me not to worry and that I would see amazing progress and growth.  We sure did!  Our son has confidence and loves to read!
Jen F. (Kindegarten son)
My daughter's reading confidence has grown since attending Stretch & Catch.  She no longer refuses to read and instead seeks out opportunities.  She began first grade below grade level and has improved so much!  Homework is no longer drudgery!
J.L. (First grade daughter)
When my son Gino was in second grade, our school’s reading intervention “specialist” was assigned to work with him to help him progress. He continued to fall behind in reading.  We found the Stretch & Catch Reading Center and within 6 months, Gino was back up to reading at grade level. Stretch & Catch came to the rescue- It’s been a lifesaver!
Kelly D. (third grade son)
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Stretch and Catch works! My daughter, who is 6 years old, has a learning disability diagnosis of “Speech Delay." When she was in Pre-K, the school she was attending was not going to let her go to their kindergarten class because she wasn't able to recite the alphabet, numbers 0-20, colors and basic shapes. Consequently, we sent her to a private school that specializes in students with learning challenges. After three months at the specialized school, my daughter still wasn’t able to recite the alphabet, recall letter names or their sounds. However, after five lessons with Stretch and Catch she was reading! Remember, my daughter wasn’t able to recognize letters and their sounds prior to starting with Stretch and Catch and in five lessons she was reading. We have been doing two-to-three lessons per week and after two months, my daughter is at the level she is supposed to be in and now beginning Grade 1 books. Stretch and Catch works!
D. Scharf
(kindergarten daughter)
I cannot be more pleased with Stretch & Catch.  My granddaughter was struggling with reading and spelling in 2nd grade.  We started with the program 2 weeks prior to starting 3rd grade.  She started with a LEAP week which she moved from a 2.3 reading level to a 3.0 in just 5 sessions.  We continued with the weekly reading and her school test scores placed her reading at the high level and far above average.  Her success has made going to school so much more positive.  Thank you all for helping my granddaughter achieve her potential and be successful.
(3rd grade granddaughter)
My daughter is in the 4th grade. She’s been struggling with reading and spelling since the 1st grade. She hated reading. We’ve only been coming to Stretch & Catch for a couple of months and she’s already improved so much on her spelling and she’s started reading books at home on her own for fun. Her confidence about reading has definitely increased! Seeing this change after watching her struggle for so long is amazing! I look forward to seeing how much more she improves during her time with Stretch & Catch!
(4th grade daughter)
I can't say enough wonderful things about the Stretch and Catch Reading Center. My son was in 4th grade when we started. We had tried a variety of home programs, in school teacher tutors and reading labs to help increase his reading comprehension.  When we started at Stretch & Catch in March of his 4th grade year he was reading at 2nd grade 5th month level. After working with the center through LEAP weeks and continuing weekly most of the summer, my son started 5th grade just below a 5th grade level. The progress was the most significant of anything we've tried. He worked with the ipad app as well at home and is now doing much better. His confidence has improved as a result. Thanks for all the great work you do!.
(4th grade son)
It has been a blessing to discover Stretch & Catch Reading Center! The program has been proving to be a great support to our son by helping him to become a better reader and giving him a boost of confidence at the same time.  The easiness and clarity of the class has helped him retain information about reading as well as spelling.  He is no longer reluctant to grab a book and enjoy reading it to us.  He even points out words he find in his daily drive and on his drive to Stretch & Catch.  We can't thank you enough!
Dr. Dikran Kirelescu Jr.
(1st grade son)
My daughter started reading classes with Stretch & Catch when she was only 4 1/2 years old.  She was already enrolled in preschool but I felt she wasn't learning as much as she wanted.  So she started with individual reading instruction.  My daughter is now 5 and is able to read chapter books!  It is incredible what the Stretch & Catch Reading Center has accomplished with my daughter.  She is still enrolled!  I strongly encourage every parent to try the Stretch & Catch program for their child!
(kindergarten daughter)
Stretch & Catch has been a true gift for our child. The advancements she has made educationally with Stretch & Catch are beyond anything ever expected. As a former educator....ALL CHILDREN SHOULD ATTEND Stretch & Catch. You will be beyond thrilled with your child’s progression! She is so confident in her abilities in ALL areas of her life which came in natural progression with assistance of the Stretch & Catch program. HANDS DOWN....the best money I have & will ever spend.
Sandra R.
(kindergarten daughter)
My 10 year old son and 8 year old daughter have been with Stretch and Catch for the past two years (I also have a 4 year old taking a Stretch and Catch class through her preschool). My son needed a boost in reading and since his time at the reading center, he is considered an “Above” level reader, but most importantly, he is a voracious reader. He reads about 25 books a year, ranging from Hunger Games to Percy Jackson. I am immensely proud with his progress in reading and attribute that to Stretch and Catch.

My daughter is a current student at Stretch and Catch and moved from a “Below” level reader to an “Above” level reader. Stretch and Catch has helped her with her confidence in reading and comprehension. I am amazed with her progress and appreciate the feedback I receive from her teachers on what I need to work on at home with my daughter. My daughter really enjoys being at the center and gets real value out of her time there.
(4th grade son, 3rd grade daughter, pre-school daughter)
Our child was struggling with reading and below level for his grade.  My wife enrolled him in Stretch & Catch Reading Center and the results have been almost immediate.  His confidence soared and reading went from a “chore” to an enjoyment.  The teachers are knowledgeable and thoughtful and have each child’s best interest in mind.  Having our child do Stretch & Catch has been a blessing and we would recommend to any parent.  If your child needs help in reading, take them to the Stretch & Catch Reading Center, you won’t be disappointed!
John P.
(3rd grade son)
I would say finding Stretch & Catch for our son, Tyler has been amazing.  For years, he struggled to move up in his reading level.  Ever since we started at Stretch & Catch, the teachers have helped him move his reading level dramatically.  He also shows more confidence in his reading.  I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their child's reading skills.  I can't thank Stretch & Catch  enough for all the help and guidance they have given to Tyler.  We are so happy we found a program that works!  Thanks so much!
Bridget P.
(6th Grade son)
When my daughter turned five she started expressing more of an interest in wanting to learn to read. I had heard good things about Stretch and Catch and decided to give it a try. It ended up being  one of the best things we’ve ever done for her. Their methods are very easy for her to understand and she picked up on things incredibly fast. She was actually reading after the very first session!!! We’ve been going for several months now and the confidence she has gained has been so wonderful to see. The teachers give a lot of positive reinforcement throughout and there are levels that they pass and move on from which gives them a sense of accomplishment. I can’t recommend Stretch and Catch enough!
Pam L.
(preschool daughter)
My son came to Stretch & Catch in the beginning of kindergarten after I realized he was behind where he should be.  After 1 month, my son was able to sound out words quickly and was soon reading.  The amount that he learned in such a short time was amazing!  His teacher noticed how well he was doing and the improvement was surprising to her.  His teacher is so knowledgeable and her methods in teaching children are truly unique.  I have been spreading the word about Stretch & Catch to the families at his school because the Stretch & Catch method works miracles!
Kristen Mick
(kindergarten son)
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