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How is the Stretch and Catch virtual program different than online school?

The Stretch and Catch virtual program is completely different than online school. Our 1:1 student-teacher ratio keeps every child engaged and actively learning throughout the entire session.

What does a typical reading session look like?

Students work 1:1 virtually for a 30 min session. During this session, students work on their reading fluency, reading comprehension, developmental spelling, high frequency words and grammar, using our tactile approach.

How does my child move up in levels?

On average, our students move one reading level every 5 sessions.  We keep data on your child during every session.  Once our data shows that your child has moved from an instructional level to an independent level, we move them up!

Can my child do a LEAP clinic during the school year?

LEAP sessions are done throughout the year.  LEAP sessions are 4-5 consecutive days of our reading program.

What is the Stretch and Catch Method?

The Stretch & Catch Method is a tactile approach to understanding and "seeing" the patterns within words.  This method uses your fingers to STRETCH out a word, look for the pattern within the word, and then CATCH the word, in order to read the word.

Do I get to see my child's initial literacy evaluation?

Yes, a comprehensive Literacy Evaluation will be sent to you via email within 2 days.  This report will include your child's Instructional Reading Level, Comprehension, Instructional Spelling Level and High Frequency Word Level.

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