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Group size
30 min., 45 min., 60 min.
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Preschool - 12th grade


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Stretch and Catch® is a results-driven reading center with a proprietary method of teaching reading to all students at all reading levels.  On average, our students move up 1 entire reading level every 5 sessions.

Stretch and Catch® has a proven track record of helping children who are gifted, children with learning disabilities and every level in-between.  Stretch and Catch® uses a developmentally appropriate, hands-on program to teach each child how to read and spell at his/her instructional level.

We specialize in teaching reading at each child's instructional level from preschool - middle school, including students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities.  Before starting, each child is given an Initial Literacy Assessment that will determine his/her instructional reading level.  After the assessment, we create a specific literacy plan for each child.

Program I: STRETCH & CATCH® Reading Program

Kindergarten - 12th grade

30 min. or 45 min.

Our reading program allows students to work on different reading skills based on their instructional level. Each reading session consists of reading a passage and answering questions related to the passage.

During our reading sessions, students will also work on developmental spelling or vocabulary during the session depending on the instructional level.


We use a developmentally appropriate tactile-phonemic program that will help each child hear, see, and feel the patterns within words. This program is intended to be part of a balanced literacy plan which includes fluency, comprehension and writing. Our spelling program is interwoven with our reading and writing program. Students learn how to spell unknown words while at the same time they learn to decode unknown words while reading.

The Fastest Way to Achieve Your READING Goals- LEAP WEEK!

Stretch & Catch's® unique LEAP Clinics are specially designed for families looking to get a LEAP on their child's reading, in a short amount of time. LEAP Clinics include four to five consecutive sessions. Each LEAP week will focus on the specific reading and spelling skills your child needs. These clinics are so effective, you will see significant improvement in your child's reading skills in just one week!

Program II: STRETCH & CATCH® Middle School + Program

4th - 12th grade

45 min.

This program is intended to be a part of a balanced literacy plan for middle school students and above. Each session focuses on a different type of reading: ELA test formats, fiction passages, non-fiction passages, novel study, comparing texts, analyzing literature, analyzing arguments, analyzing informational text as well as understanding different points of view. Students continue to work on fluency and comprehension during each session as well as vocabulary, spelling (including Greek & Latin roots), writing strategies, grammar, and mechanics. This program helps any child feel confident in middle school and beyond.

Program III: STRETCH & CATCH® Preschool Reading Program

30 min.

*no evaluation needed

Our preschool program is an interactive program for beginning readers.  This interactive program will allow a preschooler to manipulate the screen in order to spell 3-letter words and then reveal a picture once the student is able to read the word successfully.  Our preschoolers not only learn how to spell 3-letter words, but they are introduced to high frequency words and decodable books.  Students who complete this program not only gain confidence but are able to successfully read and spell before starting Kindergarten!

*A LEAP Week is required for the first week.

Program IV: STRETCH & CATCH® Reading & Writing Combination

2nd-12th grade

45 min. or 1 hr.

Our reading and writing combination program allows your child to read a book at his/her instructional level, complete comprehension questions, as well as complete a short, written response question based on the book.

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