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Group size
60 min.
Skill level
High School


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Our ESL Reading & Writing Program

ESL English Foreign Fluency™ EFF Reading Program

*Designed for High School Foreign Exchange Students*


ENGLISH FOREIGN FLUENCY™ is a results-driven reading center with a proprietary method of teaching reading to foreign language students who are below reading level.

ENGLISH FOREIGN FLUENCY™ has a proven track record of helping high school students from different countries learn to read and write in English. High schools are not equipped to teach reading below the high school level. Our program is designed to teach ESL high school students at their instructional level so that they can be more prepared for high school level reading and writing as well as the TOEFL.


  1. Pick the right program for your child.
  2. Initial Literacy Assessment for Program I only: Before starting, each student is given an Initial Literacy Assessment that will determine his/her instructional reading and spelling level. After the assessment, we create a specific literacy plan for each student. ​


  1. Computer or laptop with a webcam (no Chromebooks)


English Reading & Writing Combo: 1 hr. - 1.5 hr. sessions

ENGLISH FOREIGN FLUENCY™ provides students with an instructional level text during each session.Students will read the text aloud to the teacher and then answer comprehension questions based on the book at the end of the selection. This part of the program helps with the READING, LISTENING, SPEAKING and WRITING part of the TOEFL.

During each session, students will read a passage, discuss vocabulary, work on spelling, and write a short-written response to the passage.

*English Spelling:

Our spelling program is interwoven with our reading and writing program. Students learn how to spell unknown words while at the same time they learn to decode unknown words while reading.

*English Vocabulary:

Students will encounter new vocabulary words within each reading text. Comprehension questions will also focus on certain vocabulary words within the text.

TOEFL TEST PREP during every session:


Each of our sessions include, reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Our 1-hour sessions help prepare each student for the TOEFL.


ENGLISH FOREIGN FLUENCY™ Fluent Writing Program 1 hr. session

IMPORTANCE OF COMPLEX WRITING DEVELOPMENT: The purpose of academic writing, as with most other kinds of writing, is to communicate. Complex writing is teaching students how to write multi-paragraph essays. Essay writing is the process of sharing complex ideas, thoughts, or opinions. Writers learn to construct a rather complicated argument or explanation by combining sentences into paragraphs and paragraphs into an essay. Academic writing demands writers become clear in their explanations and reasoning, direct in their communication, and most importantly, able to make readers understand their topic and thesis.

The ENGLISH FOREIGN FLUENCY Writing Program starts off with our Complex Paragraph Writing Program. This program involves 27 lessons on the different parts of a paragraph. During each lesson, the teacher will teach the skill, the student will practice the new skill and then apply the new skill. After the completion of the Complex Paragraph Writing Program, the student will move to single paragraph topics. Each paragraph will be out of 20 points. The points will be based on the skills learned in the Complex Paragraph Writing Program: hook, topic sentence, descriptive sentences, transitional words, and conclusions. Once the student can independently write a single paragraph, he/she will move on to multi-paragraph writing. In multi-paragraph writing, students will be asked to write Narrative Essays, Expository Essays, Persuasive Essays, Argumentative Essays, Procedural Essays and depending on the grade, Research Essays. The skills learned from the ENGLISH FOREIGN FLUENCY™ Writing Program will be of value throughout high school and college.

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