The Arts & Crafts of Reading Tip #1 preschool - 6th grade

We are all staying home and need something fun, yet educational to do with our children.  Why not mix learning with arts and crafts?  Here are some chalk activities for preschool through 6th grade.


I bought spray chalk, which I don't recommend because it runs out too fast. Just have your child use chalk.

NAME ART Preschool

For beginning spellers, have them write their own name on the driveway with chalk. If you want to challenge them, have them write everyone in the family's name in chalk.


Have your child write their sight words in chalk. For children who are want to take it a step further, have them write with fancy lettering! Anytime you have your child SEE and SPELL a sight word, it helps your child's brain make an imprint.


Play Scrabble on the driveway.

All you need to do is start with one word.

Today we picked FRIEND.

I would recommend using a longer word to start the game.  

Each player can pick a different color chalk.

How many words can each player create?

Blog Post written by:
Amanda Lowe
M.ED, Founder of Stretch and Catch