The Importance of Summer Reading from Kindergarten through High School

For kids, summer means swimming, barbecues, and fun with friends. Schoolwork, including reading, is often forgotten during the break. However, when children don’t continue reading over the summer, they can lose much of what they learned during the school year. In addition to preventing learning loss, there are many reasons why your elementary- or middle-school-aged child is encouraged to pick out a few books for the summer. Here are the key benefits of summer reading.

Why Children Should Continue Reading in the Summer

1. Preserve Reading Skills

Like any skill, reading must be developed and maintained. Without regular practice, what your child learned in the previous school year could gradually be lost. Summer reading is not only important for maintaining a child's current grade level skills but can help push him forward to develop skills above his grade level.  Daily reading will keep the mind active and allow your child to exercise his literacy skills to avoid the summer slide. The summer slide can lead to a decline of 2-3 months of learning.  Researchers estimate that by the time a struggling reader reaches middle school, summer reading loss has accumulated to a 2-year lag in reading achievement.  This year, unlike most, the summer slide is meeting the Covid slide, and researchers are concerned about what that might look like.  Below you will find the NWEA projections.

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2. Expand Vocabulary

Kids of all ages are bound to run into words they don’t know in the books they read, especially if they are transitioning to a higher reading level. Children can expand their vocabulary by looking up definitions and asking parents or reading tutors about meanings. Once they know what complex words mean, they’ll gain a better understanding of the texts when they appear again, cementing their knowledge of the meaning and proper word usage. This gives them context and allows them to add the word to their own vocabulary. This also helps with SAT prep for older students.

3. Broaden Knowledge

Books aren’t just for developing reading skills. There are books on countless subjects, from animals and robotics to distant cultures and historical moments. Reading is an exceptional tool for learning about different concepts from around the world, and it can expand your child’s general knowledge. With all the books covering math, science, and history, they will learn things that will help them throughout their academic career.

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Blog Post written by:
Amanda Lowe
M.ED, Founder of Stretch and Catch