Writing a hook #1

An important piece of writing is "hooking" your audience.  This is important at all stages of writing.  You want to engage your reader right away.  

So how do you help your own child write his/her hook?

There are many different writing hooks.  Today I will discuss the QUESTION hook.  Below you have some examples of what the expectation looks like at each grade level.

Original sentence: It was snowing outside.

K-1st Grade: Why did it have to snow on this day?

2nd Grade: Of all days, why did the snow come today?

3rd Grade: There was no snow in the forecast, why did it snow on this day of all days?

4-6th Grade: The forecast had been checked numerous times, so why would the snow fall from the sky, today of all days?

Here are some other original sentences.  Have your child think of more Question Hooks.  

I went to the park.

We rode our bikes all afternoon.

Our trip to Florida was fun.

My favorite vacation was going to Disney.

Make sure you have your child take one of these original sentence starters and turn it into a Hook Question!

Blog Post written by:
Amanda Lowe
M.ED, Founder of Stretch and Catch